Make the SWITCH to USB in 5 Easy Steps!

Buy Back Program.jpg 1. Open Your Union State Bank Account

  • Meet customer identification guidelines and minimum opening deposit requirements.
  • Ask for your FREE Visa Debit Card and order your first box of checks. You will receive them in 7 to 10 business days.
  • Sign up for FREE Online Banking & Bill Pay to begin viewing your new account and paying bills online!
  • Sign up for FREE Mobile Banking & download our app to view your account on your mobile device

2. Stop Using Your Old Account

  • Let all of your outstanding checks clear. This might take up to 10 days.
  • Destroy OR bring in your unused checks, deposit slips and debit cards – WE’LL PAY YOU UP TO $25 FOR THEM!

3. Change Any Direct Deposits

  • For payroll deposits, either contact your employer for instructions or fill out the included Direct Deposit Authorization Form and give it to your employer's payroll or HR department. [ Download Fillable Form ]
  • For Federal, retirement, or any other source of Direct Deposit, you may use our forms, as well.

4. Change any Automatic Withdrawals

  • Complete our Automatic Withdrawal Form for each payment or withdrawal you have. Don't forget payments that used your old debit card number. [ Download Fillable Form ]
  • Include a voided check from your new Union State Bank checking account.

5. Close Your Old Account

  • After making sure all of your automatic transactions have switched, use our Account Closure Authorization Form to notify your old financial institution. [ Download Fillable Form ]
  • Your old bank then will send you a check for the remaining balance, or you can have it sent directly to us for deposit, whichever is most convenient for you.
  • We can monitor your new account for your direct deposits and automatic withdrawals to begin clearing.

Welcome to Union State Bank...We're happy to have you!