The Union State Bank Treasury Management platform consists of scalable business products and services that make managing your business operations easier and more secure! We take the time to get to know and understand your business needs so we can offer you the best solutions.

For more information on our Treasury Management products and services below, contact Amber Groene .

Electronic Payment Processing

Accountant with various industries in background Union State Bank offers a scalable and affordable electronic payment processing solution to help streamline your accounting processes such as employee payroll direct deposit, payments to vendors, wires, etc. Reduce time and expenses with these convenient features:

Account Reporting & Management

  • Account Summary – Real-time account detail and summary reports on all accounts
  • Alerts – Receive balance, transaction, date and history alerts.
  • Account Transaction History – View, filter, sort, export, and create reports on up to 12 months of account history
  • View Account Statements
  • Create your own custom reports
  • Check Imaging – View, print, and save images of your checks
  • Secure Messaging

Electronic Payments & Transfers

  • Account Transfers – Schedule one-time and recurring transfers
  • Automated Clearing House (ACH) Origination including: Payroll Direct Deposit, Vendor Payments, Wire Transfers & Collections

Remote Deposit Capture

Don’t have time to drive to the bank to make your business deposit? Deposit Xpress is the remote deposit capture solution from Union State Bank that allows you to deposit checks directly from your desktop!

With Deposit Xpress, you can create a digital deposit by scanning the checks received at your business. Your digital deposit is then transmitted to the bank over a secure Internet connection, where it is posted to your account. All you need is a personal computer, an Internet connection and a check scanner.

Benefits of Remote Deposit Capture to Your Business

  • Improve Funds Availability. Funds can be deposited to your USB account the same day you receive them – from any of your business locations.
  • Save Time & Money. Eliminates the need to prepare paper deposits and make costly trips to the bank.
  • Improve Accuracy & Reduce Risk. User input is verified prior to transmission, creating a more accurate deposit and resulting in fewer deposit adjustments. Since items are deposited electronically, you’ll receive faster return-check notification.
  • Consolidate Your Banking Relationships. Deposits can be made directly to your USB account from any of your business locations, eliminating the need for multiple bank relationships.

Positive Pay

Protect your business from losses due to check fraud! Positive Pay is an automated fraud detection tool that matches information on each check issued by your business, against those items presented for payment. Checks that do not match are rejected. Our system is designed to detect counterfeit items including duplicate serial numbers and voided or altered checks.

We’ll send you notification via email when there is an exception. You review the item and decide whether to pay or return it.

Digital Lockbox

Digital Lockbox banking accelerates the payment and deposit portion of your receivables in two different ways. First, a lockbox cuts down on any postal delays caused by your customers’ payments delivered to your address. Second, using our lockbox service shortens the amount of time necessary to process your customers' payments as Union State Bank collects the mail, opens the payment envelopes, scans your documents and deposits the payments directly into your bank account. Your customers’ payments are received and deposited all within the same day. 

Our lockbox service is designed to save your business both time and money. Not only do your customer payments reach your bank account more quickly, but your business may be able to reduce the staff required to sort and process payments, allowing these individuals to be utilized in other, more profitable areas of your company. 

Sweep Accounts

Put your extra cash to work by sweeping excess funds from your checking account to an investment or line of credit. With a Union State Bank Sweep Account, cash is transferred automatically based on the total debits and credits posting to your account daily.

A Sweep Account may be right for your business if:

  • You want to maximize interest earned on idle funds
  • You have an active USB line of credit and want to minimize your interest expense
  • You want to fully automate your investment or borrowing activities

Sweep customers' excess funds will be invested in Union State Bank’s Repurchase Agreement; a minimum investment is required. This investment is not covered by FDIC insurance.

Merchant Card Services

Merchant Credit Card Machine Union State Bank offers merchant card services that are reliable and affordable. Accepting credit cards is good for you and your customers – and it's convenient and easy.

  • Credit Card Acceptance Systems: Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover®, American Express®
  • Electronic Check Conversion
  • Visa® Gift Cards
  • Online Payment Acceptance

For more information on any of our Treasury Management Services, contact Amber Groene .