USB Board of Directors

Back L-R: Michael Munson, David Harris, John Redwine, Steve McSpadden, Kevin Kelly, David Marshall, Stan Ahlerich
Front L-R: Ralph Keefe (retired 5/16), Eric Kurtz, William Docking, Thomas Docking, Brian Docking


Bill Docking

William R. Docking 


Tom Docking

Thomas R. Docking 

Senior Vice-Chairman

Attorney, Morris, Laing, Evans, Brock & Kennedy, Chtd.

Steve McSpadden

Steve A. McSpadden

Vice Chairman


Stan AhlerichStan R. Ahlerich

Executive Director, Governor’s Council of Economic Advisors

Brian Docking

Brian T. Docking

Senior Vice President, Robert W. Baird & Co.
The Docking Group

David Marshall

David B. Marshall

Executive Vice-President & CFO
Union State Bank

Kevin Kelly

Kevin E. Kelly

Manager, Two Rivers Coop 

Eric Kurtz

Eric J. Kurtz

Union State Bank 

Mike Munson

Michael J. Munson

Owner, Munson Insurance Agency

David Harris

David W. Harris

Kansas Regional President
Union State Bank 

Renee Price

Renee Price

Owner, Graves Drug